The Problem is Real

So is our plan to address it.

A woman playing with a child at a table.

Child care is a necessity.

For the vast majority of working families and, in turn, for a functioning economy. It is by far the best return on any investment we can make as a society. Yet, early care and education is historically underfunded and taken for granted.

The current state of child care in Oregon is dire, with the demand greatly out-stripping the supply.


The Shortfall

Orange Circle

Between available care and local demand

There is a shortfall of 19,736 child care spots in Multnomah County, measured by the difference between the number of resident Multnomah children under 6 years old with all parents in the workforce and the estimated number of licensed spots.

A finer-grained analysis (map at right) shows that 155 of 197 census tracts in the county have more children living in those census tracts who may need care than available spots.

Visit our interactive StoryMap to see all the data we’ve collected around the urgent need for more child care in Multnomah County.

Mulnomah Census
Mulnomah Map

BuildUp Oregon is bridging the gap.

We are providing facilities funding and expert guidance to providers, child care centers, and affordable housing developers looking to help meet the need for more and better child care slots and facilities across Oregon.
A man sitting on the floor surrounded by children.

Your voice matters.

Dig deeper into the success stories and impact of BuildUp Oregon, hear from other voices in the child care community, and get the latest news on funding, policy developments and more on our blog. It takes more than money to move the needle on providing Oregon’s families with better child care options. Each year, Oregonians have an opportunity to advocate for lawmakers to improve child care across the state.

See some ways we’ve laid out for you can make your voice and your vote matter below. And sign-up here to stay up-to-date on BuildUp Oregon’s policy agenda and initiatives.