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Building a More Child-Centered Oregon

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Oregon is facing a child care crisis.

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72% of Oregon’s communities are considered “child care deserts.” BuildUp Oregon is dedicated to changing that.

Our Mission

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To preserve, improve, and expand child care facilities throughout the state of Oregon.

Our Vision

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Child Care Providers

Oregon’s child care providers have the funding and expert guidance needed to improve and expand their facilities.

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Oregon’s parents—regardless of economic status—have equitable and affordable child care options in their communities.

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Oregon’s children receive high-quality care and education in safe and enriching environments.

How we're showing up.

BuildUp Oregon offers several forms of assistance to qualified child care providers.

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Expert Guidance

The technical aspects of a construction or renovation project can be overwhelming, particularly when combined with the all-consuming work of caring for and educating young children. We’re committed to helping providers navigate the administrative and regulatory hurdles through assistance.


Funding for facilities is crucial to meeting our ambitious goals for improving the quality and expanse of early care and education options throughout Oregon.


Due to the limitation of grant funding, some projects may qualify for financing to cover costs ranging from construction to furnishing. These are loans specifically designed for child care borrowers, with flexible terms and fixed, accessible interest rates.

Who Qualifies for Assistance

BuildUp Oregon is offering assistance to early care and education providers across the state looking to preserve or increase slots in either Multnomah County's Preschool for All (PFA) program, or a facility co-located within affordable housing anywhere in the state.

Family Child Care Providers

Licensed providers operating one or more early care and education facilities out of a private residence.

Child Care Centers

Providers running or looking to open an early care and education facility within a commercial space or school, serving a larger group of children.

Affordable Housing Developers

Affordable housing developers looking to build commercial space specifically designed for child care into their projects.

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What Types of Projects Qualify

BuildUp Oregon’s grant and loan funding apply to a wide variety of facilities projects that fall into three categories.

Renovation & Repair

Physical construction, improvements, and renovations that increase or preserve a facility's quality and capacity. Renovation and repair funding is split into two categories: family child care facilities and child care centers.


Costs associated with the lead-up to a new early care and education development, including consultants, architects, permits, feasibility studies, and more.

New Center Development

Costs associated with the physical development of a new early care and education facility, including site acquisition, construction, project managers, and more.

BuildUp Oregon Program Guidelines

Learn the details about applying for support from BuildUp Oregon.

Overview of BuildUp Oregon for Providers

BuildUp Oregon helps providers improve, preserve, and expand their early care and education facilities through funding and expert guidance.

Roadmap to Support: BuildUp Oregon

This simple guide shows you the key steps to getting through the application and funding process with BuildUp Oregon.

Putting Oregon’s children first.

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